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Building our future, preserving our legacy


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Demolition and construction began in late April 2020. The team at HGC has been working hard to renovate La Salle High School while preserving important elements of our history. Phase 1 was completed in time for school to open in August 2020. Check back often as we'll be posting pictures of our progress along the way. #AlwaysBe

Empty Classroom
April 2020: classrooms along the north side of the building are emptied and prepared.
Shadow room being prepped for new floor and ceiling
April 2020: prepping for a new floor and ceiling.
Graduation Alter
May 2020: in preparation for the class of 2020's graduation, the majority of renovation work during May happened inside the building.
Bulldozer in the parking lot.
June 2020: more equipment arrives on campus and the grounds are prepped for construction.
Empty classroom under construction
June 2020: classrooms are emptied and furniture removed.
Main office under construction
June 2020: the main office is cleared as interior demolition begins.
Front entrance covered in rubble.
June 2020: demolition of the front entrance.
Blue crane taking out the top floor windows
June 2020: beginning with the top floor, windows along the north side of the building are removed.
Glass doorway of main office
June 2020: glass doors have been removed but our legacy has been preserved. The statue and concrete rendering will be replaced after construction is complete.
"Pardon Our Dust" Banner on La Salle school building
June 2020: thanks to AdPro for producing our "Pardon our Dust" banner.
Windows in front of building
June 2020: we are replacing all of the windows in our building beginning with the north side of the building.
La Salle exterior as just plywood and plastic and red crane out front
July 2020: windows in the school continue to be removed and replaced and boarded up as we prepare for the installation of new ones.
Visitors lobby and shadow room under construction
July 2020: all windows along the north side of the building are removed. Pictured here is our visitors lobby and shadow room.
Main office under construction
July 2020: old windows are removed and boarded up.
La Salle hallway
July 2020: interior demolition and prep continues on the ground floor.
Media Center
July: TDG gives the media center a fresh coat of paint in our gray, white and Lancer red!
La Salle exterior as just plywood and plastic with fence out front
July 2020: all windows on the northeast side of the building have been removed and safety fencing installed.
La Salle exterior as just plywood and plastic
July 2020: windows on the northeast side of the building have been removed in preparation for new ones.
Back of La Salle school building
July 2020: although the dust is flying, the back of our school stands proud in the sunshine.
La Salle exterior as just plywood and plastic
July 2020: nothing but blue skies over La Salle as construction continues. Up next: new windows!
Blue crane in front of removed windows
July 2020: northeast side of building windows are removed.
a view of the main entrance looking down the stairs at the boarded-up glass doors from the main office
July 2020: a view of the main entrance looking down the stairs at the boarded-up glass doors from the main office.
Business office stairwell with boarded up window
July 2020: the removal of old windows continues along the west side of the building. Pictured here is the stairwell leading to the business office.
Crane installing windows
July 2020: the first of our new windows is installed on the east side of the third floor!
Concrete walkway and scaffolding in front of building
August 2020: new concrete and paver work at our main entrance.
Outside of La Salle buidling
August 2020: installation of new windows along the west side of the building continues.
View of windows from outside La Salle building
August 2020: we love our new windows!
Windows being rennovated
August 2020: window installation continues.
Mike Hausfeld inspecting room
August 2020: Mike Hausfeld inspects today's work.
looking out the new windows at the flag pole and parking lot
August 2020: love the view of Ole Glory from our new windows!
new flooring shot from the doorway
August 2020: a peek into a classroom with completed floors.
empty room with new tile floor
August 2020: view from front of the building looking toward the third floor hallway. Notice the air conditioning in the ceiling panels!
Empty room with colored tile floors
August 2020: first glimpse of classroom tile floors!
front entrance with new glass
August 2020: new glass windows are installed on our refreshed front entrance.
La Salle High School Main Office counter
September 2020: New counter and carpet installed in the Main Office
Front of La Salle High School
September 2020: new silver crosses were installed on the red panels
glass door entry way to La Salle High School
September 2020: paver work and concrete completed in front of the glass doors
Marquee and flag in front of school
June 2021: New full color display marquee is installed
Wall beams in Alumni Heritage space
August 2021: wall beams go up in the Alumni Heritage room. Shown are the future homes of the spirit shop and athletic offices.
empty conference room
June 2021: deconstruction begins on the future Alumni Heritage room
picture of room with walls
September 2021: drywall is installed in the Alumni Heritage Room
picture of wall of pictures
September 2021: mural and carpet are placed in Alumni Heritage room
picture of kiosk
October 2021: thanks to the generosity of the Schoenlaub family, kiosk is placed in Alumni Heritage Room.
Picture of statue
November 2021: Our beautiful statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle has been returned to the front entrance.
Picture of Alumni Heritage Room
November 2021: the Alumni Heritage Room is now furnished. Complete with our custom LS chairs!
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